May 08

Complexity & Competitiveness

Business is now conducted on a global basis and we have a number of emerging markets competing for the business that used to be spread between just a few world powers. In order for U.S. businesses to remain competitive with other businesses including those from emerging markets, we need to be as efficient as possible.

Our tax system and legal system are a major hindrance riddled with undue complexity, unfairness, and inefficiency. Our tax and legal systems are a major drag on our competitiveness and must be reformed. Continue reading

Apr 03

Catching the Auroras….Sometimes in the Tri-Cities

If you have never seen the aurora borealis you are really missing something special.

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights as they are more commonly known) can be spectacular. Their colors vary including red, green, and purple and they sometimes appear to dance across the sky.

The Northern Lights are commonly seen in the extreme northern and southern latitudes as you get closer to the true magnetic north and south poles of the earth. Some claim to actually be able to hear them.

I have seen some spectacular northern lights in the Tri-Cities several times over the last 20 years I have been watching for them. They are not common but when you get to see them they are really cool. Continue reading

Feb 27

Account Freeze – ID Theft Protection

One tool in your defense against ID theft is the ability to freeze access to your credit report. Credit reports are used by credit card companies to provide offers of preapproved credit and used by other lenders to provide loans.

If a lender cannot gain access to your credit report, the chance of someone illegally getting credit in your name is significantly reduced. Continue reading

Feb 12

ID Theft Protection

ID theft is a significant problem in this country. Recent studies indicate 8-9 million people were victims of ID theft last year.

There are a number of steps that should be considered to protect yourself from ID theft. It is a good idea to consider use of a credit monitoring service. I have used Equifax for credit monitoring for a number of years and have been very happy with their service. More information on Equifax services can be obtained at their website Continue reading

Jan 17

Congress & Business Reporting

Tax reporting and the associated recordkeeping is becoming a nightmare for businesses in this great country of ours. Congress has no concept of simplification and should be punished by having to keep records and prepare reports for some of the ridiculous business tax laws they come up with.

The inability of politicians in Washington DC (the majority of which I am beginning to believe lack any common sense) to create tax laws which are understandable and easy to comply with, is unbelievable. Continue reading